Gerry Chrisna

Fullstack Programmer

Age: 26
Experience: 4 years
Specialization: Front end & Back end

About Me

The author’s full name is Gerry Chrisna Perkasa Putra, born in Samarinda on October 11, 1993. Indonesian, the Banjar and West Java tribes are Muslim. resides in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan.

In 1998 the author began his education at the 007 Public Elementary School in Samarinda and continued with SMP Negeri 7 Samarinda in 2006, and SMK Negeri 5 by majoring in Computer Networking Engineering. Then after going to school the author continued his education at the STMIK Airlangga Business Education Center, the Information Study Program in 2014 and in 2018 had a S.Kom bachelor’s degree.

The author has worked at PT Hartora as Head of IT Software & Hardware in 2011, then in 2016 until now the author works at RSJD Atma Husada Mahakam Samarinda as a software engineer and Fullstack at .


and I am currently working for the creative studio Technoinds. we build a company that provides software services based on the latest technology.

I worked as a software developer at RSJD Atma Husada Mahakam for 3 years. I created a web-based system that can be used, front end and back end coding things almost everything. But I like what I do.

I am head of IT Hardware. working on cases of damage to hardware such as computers, laptops, printers, fingerprints, etc.


PHP 95%
SQL 80%
CSS 75%
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